Dream Cuisine Patisserie

I have been obsessed with macarons for a very long time. My first macaron was eaten at Adriano Zumbo Patisserie, before he was famous. Ever since then, I have always loved to explore new places that sell macarons.

Two years ago, my partner D and I went to Canberra for a road trip. We decided to visit the Epic Markets on the weekend. Whilst walking around the markets, we stumbled across this tiny market stall that sold macarons, pastries and cakes called Dream Cuisine Patisserie. I was quite intrigued and decided to buy two of their macarons. D and I walked outside and I took my first bite. The macarons were amazing! I immediately fell in love.

Ever since that delicious experience, I have been bugging D to drive me to Canberra. Last weekend D drove my friend E, her boyfriend D and I to Canberra. I made my macaron order and off we went. Three hours later, our first stop was of course Dream Cuisine Patisserie. The owners Owen and his mother, Marilyn said I can pick up my macarons from their new shop which is to open after Easter.

Dream Cuisine Patisserie’s shop is fairly new and Owen and Marilyn are in the process of renovating the shop. We managed to have a great chat to Owen and Marilyn. We were very impressed that they were both so down to earth and friendly. I picked up my order of 10 passionfruit macarons and they were still as delicious as before. I could barely stop eating them, they were so more ish.

The following day we visited the Old Bus Depot Markets and visit their market store. I ended up buying 1 salted caramel, 1 chai tea and 1 double chocolate macaron. Owen kindly gave me two pastries for free.

I have to declare that Dream Cuisine Patisserie’s macarons are the best macarons that I have ever eaten, and I have tried a lot of macarons. The quality of the macarons are real and they taste amazing. Owen told me that Dream Cuisine Patisserie only use the finest real ingredients, rather than artificial flavouring. I believe that the use of real ingredients rather than artificial ingredients sets them apart from most macarons on sale these days.

Dream Cuisine Patisserie is located at:

EPIC Farmers Market: Mitchell, Canberra, ACT 2609 (every Saturday until 11am)

Old Bus Depot Markets, Kingston, Canberra, ACT 2604 (every Sunday until 4pm)

9/18 Whyalla Steet, Fyshwick, Canberra, ACT 2609 (opening soon)

Website: http://www.dreamcuisine.net.au/


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