Koko Black Chocolate

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved chocolate. Over the years, my palate has changed and I have taken a liking to more refined chocolate.

One of my favourite chocolate brands is Koko Black Chocolate. I stumbled upon Koko Black Chocolate in the Royal Arcade, Melbourne CBD, many years ago. My very first Koko Black Chocolate experience started with a Belgian hot chocolate and Belgian chocolate mousse. Both were to die for! All I could think, was how can I ever eat Cadbury Chocolate ever again.

Ever since my first delicious experience, I have been a regular visitor and online purchaser of Koko Black Chocolate. I pretty much love every item off the Koko Black Chocolate menu, but my favourite Koko Black Chocolate items are the Belgian hot chocolate, the Belgian chocolate mousse and the hand made caramel mousse and the salted caramel chocolates.

I am hoping one day that Koko Black chocolate will open in Sydney. But for the mean time, I will be getting my Koko Black Chocolate fix by making orders online and visiting their salons in Melbourne.

Koko Black Chocolate is located in:

Various salons around Melbourne, Canberra and Claremont, Western Australia.




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