Ever since my trip to Africa and recent research on Fair Trade chocolate, I have been developing a “chocolate conscience”. I now try to eat chocolate that is Fair Trade certified.

One day when I was doing a Google search on chocolate in Australia, I found a chocolate name called Zokoko. Zokoko calls themselves “The Goddess of Chocolate- Premium Artisan Chocolate.” After reading this, I was indeed intrigued.

What amazed me the most about Zokoko chocolate was their chocolate making process. I like the idea that the chocolate is sourced from the finest of cacao beans and that the chocolate is not massed produced, but made in small batches. Zokoko also tries to source their cacao beans from sources that are Fair Trade.  (Refer to https://www.zokoko.com/process/)

Lucky for me, D lives very close to Zokoko. So D and I finally went to visit Zokoko and we were amazed. The chocolate in the display cabinets looked amazing and the aromas of coffee and chocolate were tantalising. My first Zokoko item that I tried was their hot chocolate. Tim who worked at Zokoko proclaimed that their hot chocolate will be the best hot chocolate that I will ever have. One sip, and I agreed. The hot chocolate was so smooth, creamy and chocolatey. Tim said the trick was their use of their very own special chocolate mousse which is blended into the hot chocolate.

D and I have religiously visited Zokoko every week and we have tried nearly every chocolate item off the menu. My favourite item is their hand made truffles. The truffle I like the most is the honey chocolate mice and honey chocolate bears. Unfortunately Zokoko do not make these chocolates on a regular basis.

Zokoko also sells Morgans Handcrafted Coffee and Tea and Zokoko makes delicious muffins, cakes and biscuits. I absolutely love their muffins. The muffins are so fresh, moist and they taste amazing.

The Zokoko Melting Moments biscuits are to die for! The buttery goodness of each Melting Moment biscuit melts in your mouth, definitely the best Melting Moments biscuit I have ever eaten

Zokoko also makes great coffee too, using their own brand single origin Morgans Handcrafted Coffee. I am not a coffee fan, but D says it is amazing!

Zokoko is located at:

Unit 3, 84-90 Old Bathurst Road, Emu Heights, NSW 2750.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 7am-4pm and Saturday 8:30am-12 noon.




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