I heart baking sweet things

For 2-3 years now, I have been loving baking and experimenting with sweet recipes. As time has progressed, I definitely think I have improved. I do have to confess that Masterchef Australia has inspired me to bake more interesting recipes.

My latest love is baking cake. I never have previously been interested in baking whole cakes, because I have always been too scared. I was too worried that the cake may not cook properly properly, so I always opted to just baking cupcakes.

However, thanks to my lovely Twitter friends, I have acquired some new recipes. My new favourite cake recipe is Coconut and Sour Cream Cake. I was slightly skeptical at first, because whilst I am totally obsessed with all things coconut, I am not a fan of sour cream. On my first attempt, I was surprised, I could not believe how easy this cake was to make. The cake also tasted so delicious and was a definite hit with my work colleagues.

My other favourite thing to bake is Banana Bread. D really loves Banana Bread, so I thought I would try to make him some. I ended up finding a recipe off the internet and I tweaked the recipe a bit, by adding pecan nuts. The Banana Bread tasted so delicious and D really liked it. I also added coconut one time, but it tasted just as good. I am quite surprised that the moist coconut flakes made it into the cake, because I kept eating them because they tasted so good.

But, perhaps my most favourite thing to bake the most is cookies. I started off with a recipe from the back of a Cadbury Chocolate Chips packet and worked from there. I ended up adding new ingredients and removing ingredients too. My favourite cookie recipe is my milk chocolate and pecan cookies. I used couverture chocolate callets from various chocolate places such as Koko Black Chocolate and organic raw pecans. These cookies taste amazing.

I now have purchased a stack of cooking books and have decided that I must try to bake more sweets. But because I am procrastinating, I have not experimented with any new recipes from the cook books just yet. But, in time I will. For the moment I may concentrate on tweaking existing sweet recipes.


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