My top 5 favourite places for hot chocolate

I am totally obsessed with drinking hot chocolate. I have drunk so many cups of hot chocolate and many times I have felt disappointed. I just feel cafes should concentrate on making great hot chocolate instead of just great coffee.

I really hate going to cafes who burn the milk, use cheap chocolate and  or use cheap milk (one cafe in Top Ryde used No Frills Milk).

Here are my 5 favourite places for hot chocolate:

1. Workshop Espresso on George Street, Sydney NSW 2000: I discovered Workshop Espresso after D went there to try their coffee. Workshop Espresso has the best hot chocolate I have ever have. The chocolate part is delicious and not too sweet and the milk is always frothed to perfection. I am a regular visitor to this place.

2. Vella Nero on Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000: I discovered Vella Nero from a coupon I bought online. Vella Nero’s hot chocolate is so delicious and creamy. They froth the milk so well.

3. Zokoko on Old Bathurst Road, Emu Plains NSW 2750: Zokoko make the most amazing hot chocolate using their home made chocolate mousse. They use very good milk, which definitely assists in the frothing process.

4. Koko Black Chocolate: Koko Black Chocolate hot chocolate is amazing. I had my first amazing hot chocolate experience here.

5. Adriano Zumbo on Terry Street, Rozelle, NSW 2039: I used to go to his Balmain Cafe years ago and drink the ice chocolate and hot chocolate. Shame it is closed. But now you can buy these beverages from his Rozelle shop. Adriano Zumbo’s hot chocolates are quite sweet, but very delicious. The perfect chocolate hit.

I suggest that if you are a regular hot chocolate drinker, you should consider buying your own and make your mark helping our environment. I have 2 very cute Keep Cups and I think they make hot chocolates taste even better.


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