I scream for ice cream

I love ice cream….actually I am crazy about ice cream. I have been known to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When it comes to ice cream, I have no shame.

I want to blame the ice cream man who used to drive his van up and down the street with that music that I am pretty sure hypnotises children.  My brother and I used to go crazy when we heard the music and would start begging mum for money so we could buy ice cream. The soft serve ice cream used to taste so good back in those days.

As an adult, I have become more fussy in what type of ice cream I eat. These days, I can barely name many brands of ice cream that I like that may be sold in the supermarket. I still believe in my theory, that food used to be tastier back in the days. (Boy, I am sounding old).

I have three brands of ice cream and gelato that I love the most!

My favourite ice cream at the moment is Movenpick Ice Cream. At one period of time in 2011, I was seriously obsessed. I have no idea how D used to put up with my obsession for this ice cream.  My favourite flavour of Movenpick Ice Cream is Straticella. I seem to have this love for all ice cream that has chocolate chips. My other favourite flavour there is Swiss Chocolate. The chunks in that ice cream are so huge, that it should be made illegal. Movenpick Ice Cream also make great milkshakes.

My second favourite ice cream, is actually gelato from Gelato Messina. I discovered Gelato Messina when I was hanging out in Darlinghurst. I have tried a few of their different flavours, but I have always resorted back to eating the Coconut and Lychee Gelato. Lately, I have taken a liking to the Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Gelato. I love the sweet and salty textures of the gelato. Gelato Messina is definitely the best gelato I have ever eaten.

My third favourite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. I developed my love for Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream when I was on my holiday in America. When I found out that Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream was being sold in Australia, I was ecstatic. my favourite Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is Phish Food. I am so glad that Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is also being sold in Woolworths.

 I truly believe that once you have eaten great ice cream, you can never go back to ordinary ice cream ever again.


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