Chocolateria San Churro

I first discovered churros at Chocola at Kings Cross. I just loved the taste of churros and the fact that you could dip them in chocolate sauce. The combination was indeed a match made in heaven. What more could a girl ask for?

So one day, after a day of wandering around Chastwood, I stumbled upon Chocolateria San Churro. My eyes were immediately drawn to the menu, chocolate-check, churros-check and a drink with coconut-check, Chocolateria San Churro ticked all my boxes. I was in heaven.

The churros at Chocolateria San Churro were delicious.  My friend and I both chose the churros serving for one. I ended up choosing the milk chocolate dipping sauce, and my friend chose the caramel dipping sauce. We both chose the El Coco(Nut) milkshake, because my friend and I both love everything coconut.

The churros serving for one was a very generous serving. I had a lot of trouble finishing the dish all by myself. The chocolate sauce was very creamy and chocolatey. The El Coco(Nut) milkshake was absolutely divine. The combination of fresh milk, coconut and chocolate was a delight to drink. My friend and I were in chocolate heaven.

My friend and I decided to try their chocolate range too. We bought a block of the milk chocolate and some truffles. We were not too impressed with the truffles, because they did not taste freshly made. The block of milk chocolate was quite decent.

I will definitely visit Chocolateria San Churro again. I am already craving churros and chocolate.

For Chocolateria San Churro locations, please visit:


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