Del Mondo Pastries: Concorde Cake

I love the fact that in the last few years, Majors Bay Road Concord, has flourished into a great street for eating. I have had some of the best restaurant experiences on this road.

One day I was talking to D’s brother L, L, who is a fellow dessert lover, suggested that I visit Del Mondo Pastries and try the Concorde Cake. He told me that this cake is so delicious. So one day when I was driving through Concord, I decided to visit Del Mondo Pastries and try this Concorde Cake that L has been raving about.

When I arrived at Del Mondo Pastries, I noticed that the Concorde Cake came in two sizes. You could buy the large size cake or the smaller individual serving sized version of the cake. I decided to buy a few smaller individual versions of the Concorde Cake. The Concorde Cake is made of crispy meringue  bits and inside is a delicious chocolatey mousse filling.

When I arrived at D’s house, I could not wait to try the Concorde Cake. The Concorde Cake was so amazingly delicious from the first bite to the last bite. The meringue part was chocolatey and crispy. The chocolatey mousse filling was so creamy and melted in my mouth. I could not stop eating the cake, it was so amazing, I was in love!

I loved the Concorde Cake so much, that I declared there and then, that this cake was definitely going to be place in my top 10 favourite cakes list.

Del Mondo Pastries is located at:

83 Majors Bay Road, Concord NSW 2137

*the business has now closed


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