I have always loved chocolate brownies, from the intense chocolate flavours to the texture of a brownie, so dense and delicious. I started my addiction to chocolate brownies when I discovered them in the display cabinet at Workshop Espresso. Workshop Espresso’s chocolate brownies were so delicious.

Despite my love for chocolate brownies, I never really thought about making chocolate brownies myself. This could be due to the fact, that it is easy to buy them than to bake them. Or maybe it is because I am a lazy baker sometimes.

One day I was reading tweets on Twitter, I came across a recipe for chocolate brownies from Christine Salins @FoodWineTravel . When I clicked on the link, I noticed that the chocolate brownie recipe was called “The World’s Finest Chocolate Brownies” (, my eyes almost popped out. I checked out the recipe, and the recipe seemed reasonably easy to make, I decided that I would try to make it.

Making the chocolate brownies was fun. The only error I made was accidentally taking the chocolate brownies out of the baking tray too early, so the brownies top looked messy. The recipe was otherwise easy to follow. The chocolate brownies tasted so delicious, I could not stop eating them. My sister in law loved the chocolate brownies, she said it was the best chocolate brownie she had ever eaten.  For my second attempt I decided to use expensive couverture chocolate, but in the end, they tasted the same.

A few weeks later, I had an idea. How about if I improvise the recipe and make white chocolate and coconut brownies. I ended up using the same recipe as before, but instead I used white baking chocolate, replaced cocoa with dessicated coconut and reduced the sugar content. The result was amazing.

At first the white chocolate and coconut brownies appeared to have more of a cake texture, but after spending a few hours in the fridge, the white chocolate and coconut brownies had the same dense texture as the chocolate brownies.  They were delicious. I took the white chocolate and coconut brownies to work, and they were very popular. I was so happy that everyone loved them. My friend even ate the crumbs from the cake container!

I think for my next attempt, I shall try to add pecans or make caramel and chocolate brownies. I hope they will turn out to be just as delicious.


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