Papa Pasticceria

I love cheesecake. My favourite cheesecake is the Godiva chocolate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory USA. To get my temporary Australian fix for a good cheesecake, my friend suggested I visit Papa Pasticceria to try their ricotta cheesecake, she said I will fall in love. Boy, she was right!

I love Papa Pasticceria. Not only do they sell one of the best ricotta cheesecakes that I have eaten, they also sell some of the most delicious biscuits, bread and cakes.

The ricotta cheesecake from Papa Pasticceria comes in two sizes and it is absolutely divine. It tastes even better when it is still warm. I have managed to buy the ricotta cheesecake when it is still warm, and the ricotta filling melts in my mouth. I love everything about the ricotta cheesecake, from the sweet and delicious dusting of icing sugar and cinnamon on top, to the biscuit-pastry type base.

Whilst at Papa Pasticceria, I also tried a few of their biscuits and cannoli. I really liked the cannoli and their biscuits. My Dad really loves the jam biscuits.

The two bad things about Papa Pasticceria is firstly the long queues and the fact that you can only pay by cash. Papa Pasticceria gets so busy on the weekends, so busy that the queues are often outside the door. The ricotta cheesecake also sells out quickly too, sometimes you may need to call up in advance to reserve one. My suggestion is to get there early.

For my next visit, I really want to try the other cakes. My friend swears by the profiterole cake. I think I should wait until after the wedding. I keep forgetting, that I should be on a diet so I can fit into my wedding dress. 🙂

Papa Pasticceria is located at:

145 Ramsay Street, Haberfield NSW 2045

Phone: 9798 6894


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