Simple dessert goodness at Sushi 07

Sometimes I am not in the mood for a rich dessert, all I want is something simple. The one simple dessert item that I like the most is the Mini Shu Cream Puffs from Sushi 07.

The Mini Shu Cream Puffs from Sushi 07 are so light. The pastry puffs are so light and there is just enough cream filling inside. The cream filling tastes like real cream and not like mock cream. I hate the taste of mock cream. The Mini Shu Cream Puffs are perfect for a simple and sweet dessert fix.

Sushi 07 also sell chocolate cream filled eclairs. I personally found the cream filling too heavy, because there was almost double or three times the amount of cream filling inside.

Sushi 07 also sells the best chicken katsu  and sweet egg sushi that I have ever eaten. Their other sushi dishes are pretty nice too.

Sushi 07 is located at:

Westfield Shoppingtown Eastgardens, Bunnerong Road, Eastgardens NSW 2036

Phone: 9314 0300


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