d’ough Espresso- Galeries of Victoria

My workplace celebrates birthdays and farewells quite a few times a month. Lucky for us, we have a decent place to buy cake near our workplace and lucky we do not have to resort to buying Woolworth’s artificial cakes. (cringe)

Our favourite place to buy affordable cake is d’ough Espresso at the Galeries of Victoria. We love buying our cakes there, the service is friendly and efficient and of course their range of cakes taste delicious.

Our favourite cake at d’ough Espresso is the Black and White Mousse Cake. The Black and White Mousse Cake has delicious thick curls of dark and white chocolate on top and the cake is both sponge and chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse part is so creamy and chocolatey.

d’ough Espresso sells the most delicious Sponge Cake that I have ever eaten. I am not usually a fan of Sponge Cake with cream, because usually they are made with mock cream, but the Chocolate Sponge and the Vanilla Sponge Cake is made with fresh cream and it is delicious. I love the light fresh sponge, the thinly spread icing on top and the fresh cream filling, all combine to make a cake marriage made in heaven.

Other cakes that we have tried at d’ough Espresso, include:

Oreo Deep Dish Tart: Sweet, delicious and rich

Mortal Sin: Three types of mousse layers. I like this cake

Cookies and Cream: Quite sweet and rich

We have also tried the mud cakes and other non creamy cakes, many of them are hit and miss. But overall most cakes at d’ough Espresso are delicious and they even have cake stamp system too. Buy 10 cakes and get a free Sponge Cake!

d’ough Espresso is located at:

Galeries of Victoria on Pitt Street. (located near Boost Juice)


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