Park Bench

I discovered Park Bench, after I read about it in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. The word “Gelato” caught my eye, I had to make a visit. I finally made a visit to try their milkshakes and then later that evening I visited again, after spending a entire day bugging my friends to join me.

Park Bench is a new cafe on busy George Street, located where Passionflower used to be. The decor is very unique, with use of old items such as once used milk crates, and other furniture items. I really admire their creativity, who would have ever thought of putting a picnic table on the ceiling?

Park Bench sells gelato, beverages, a few desserts and some savoury food options such as sandwiches. The menu is as quirky as their decor.

For my first visit, I decided to order a milkshake. I ordered a Rafaello milkshake. I love Rafaello chocolate, so it was a given that I would choose this gelato flavour for my milkshake. The Rafaello milkshake came in one size, and it was too big for me to drink. I did manage to drink it after a while, but I really should not have. The milkshake was delicious. The milkshake did taste like Rafaello. I was also impressed that they used a good brand of milk too.

Later that evening, I dragged my friends back to Park Bench so that we could try their gelato. We ended up ordering the flavours Black Sesame, Green Tea, Honeycomb Crunch and Coconut Gelato and Passionfruit and Lime Sorbet. My friend who cannot eat dairy, was very happy that the sorbet was 100% dairy free. I did not try my friends gelato, but they loved their choices. I ordered the Coconut and the Honeycomb Crunch Gelato. I loved the Honeycomb Crunch Gelato, it was so creamy and delicious. The Honeycomb flavouring was so subtle. The Coconut Gelato was in my opinion, quite average. I prefer the Coconut and Lychee Gelato at Gelato Messina.

I would love to visit Park Bench again someday and try their dessert options. Otherwise, I really like Park Bench’s gelato. I would definitely place this place on my top 5 favourite gelato places.

Park Bench is located at:

580 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (across the road from KFC)

we decided that we should stick to ordering gelato.

NOTE: Park bench has since closed


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