The Pie Tin

My friends were constantly telling me about how great The Pie Tin was. They showed me photos of the enormous apple pie and other sweet pies that they had ordered. I was absolutely intrigued about the idea of a place that sells a variety of pies, so I decided to make a visit.

Trying to pin point The Pie Tin’s location was a task for me, I could not picture where Brown Street was located.  I finally found The Pie Tin with help from Google Maps. After what seemed forever, I found parking.

The Pie Tin had a lovely ambience. There were two display cabinets.  One cabinet had a variety of delicious sweet pies and the other display cabinet had a variety of savoury pies. I decided to order a slice of Apple Pie for my brother, and a slice of Coconut Cream Pie for myself .

The Coconut Cream Pie was a huge slice. I could not eat all of it. The pastry crust was very delicious and not too heavy. The filling of the pie was very coco-nutty and creamy. I particularly liked the creamy topping of the Coconut Cream Pie. Unfortunately, I could not finish the pie.

The Apple Pie was in one word “HUGE”. I have never seen a Apple Pie that had such a huge apple filling. I did not try the Apple Pie, because I do not like Apple Pie. My brother told me he did not like the Apple Pie. He said it was “yucky”. I was quite surprised that he did not like the Apple Pie, because many of my friends have raved about how good this Apple Pie is.

The Pie Tin had so many other sweet and savoury pies that I would love to try. I really want to try the Brown Butter Pecan Pie, because I love pecans. I will definitely visit again very soon.

The Pie Tin is located at:

1a Brown Street, Newtown NSW 2042


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