Leonard’s Bakery

Before my honeymoon to Waikiki, I decided to research about all the great places that I could eat at. The one thing that I was of course most interested in, were sweet things. My friends on Twitter suggested I visit the famous Leonard’s Bakery.

I was so excited to visit Leonard’s Bakery. Their website looked delicious. I was dying to try their masaladas.

I eventually managed to drag my husband down to find the place. I will admit, we did get lost and at times it seemed like Leonard’s Bakery was an illusion. But after what seemed like forever, we found the place.

Leonard’s Bakery looked so adorable. The bakery looked like something you would’ve found in the 1950’s. I was very impressed with their decor.

Whilst waiting in line, my eyes were immediately drawn to the menu. I was so excited, I wanted to order everything, but I knew I could not. In the end I decided I would order the cinnamon sugar masaladas and also the chocolate filled masalada puff.

After ordering, I dragged my husband outside, so we could sit and eat our delicious masaladas. I decided that I would have to try the cinnamon sugar masaladas first. My first reaction was sugary and very sweet. I thought the plain cinnamon sugar masaladas tasted nice, but I cannot say I was addicted.

Next I tried the chocolate masalada puff. I was not too happy when I took my first bite. I did not like the chocolate filling, I found it way too sweet.

Overall, I was not overly satisfied with my Leonard’s visit. I was not a real huge fan of the masaladas, we did not make a trip back.


Leonard’s Bakery

933 Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816
T: 808-737-5591
F: 808-737-5537



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