Belle Saveur Patisserie and Cafe

Hubby and I were walking down Penrith to go visit the real estate agent to discuss our house in Blue Mountains. Whilst walking down High Street, my eyes were captured by this cake shop called Belle Saveur Patisserie and Cafe. I was intrigued, suspicious and uncertain. I decided to give the shop the benefit of the doubt and try their cakes.

I grabbed the menu from the shop front and the cakes on the menu looked delicious. I had a read about the patisserie and I was sold. Hubby and I wandered inside to inspect the cakes.

According to the patisserie, “Belle Saveur” is French for “Beautiful Flavour”. The owner pastry chef Justin Baker at Belle Saveur used to work at the Park Hyatt and The Sofitel Wentworth.

The cake display looked amazing, so many interesting cakes to try. It was so hard to choose which cake to eat. After much thought I decided to buy the Cherry Ripe Cheesecake, Chocolate and Passionfruit Dome and the Triple Chocolate Cake.

When I arrived home, I immediately decided to try the cakes. The first cake I tried was the Triple Chocolate Cake. My first reaction was “Tastes like plastic”. The first bite was very disappointing. The mousse part of the cake was not bad, but nothing special. The next cake I decided to try was the Cherry Ripe Cheesecake. I took one bite and I had the same reaction that I had when I ate the Triple Chocolate Cake.

I decided not to try the Chocolate and Passionfruit Dome, because honestly, I could not stand any further disappointment.

I have to say that Belle Saveur Patisserie and Cafe was an overall disappointing experience. I really hoped that their cakes would taste good.

Belle Saveur Patisserie is located at:

551 High Street, Penrith.

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