Cath’s Cakes

As part of my dessert adventures, I have always been curious about what delicious items that could be found in most unsuspecting suburbs. When I first met my Hubby’s family, they introduced me to Cath’s Cake.

Cath’s Cake is owned by my Mother In Law’s friend. Cath’s Cakes are so delicious and are freshly made on the premises. You can literally go to the store and see the bakers icing the cakes and making cakes right in front of you.

One of my favourite items at Cath’s Cakes, is their Caramel Mud Cake. The Caramel Mud Cake taste so dense, moist and rich and the icing is so creamy. When I am eating this cake, I feel like I am eating caramel fudge. The great thing is, that the Caramel Mud Cake comes in cupcake sizes too, so you are not forced to buy a whole cake.

My other favourite cake at Cath’s Cakes is their White Chocolate Mud Cake. The White Chocolate Mud Cake is also so dense, moist and rich. I really love  the icing on the White Chocolate Mud Cake, because it tastes so creamy and not artificial. The White Chocolate Mud Cake, also comes in cupcake form too. I actually loved the White Chocolate Mud Cake so much, that I was considering using the cake for my wedding.

Cath’s Cakes also sell a whole other variety of cakes, pastries, pies and sausage rolls.

What I really love about Cath’s Cakes is that they are a small business and they are doing so well. Cath’s Cakes is a very popular place to buy cake, it is funny how far people will go for delicious cake.

Cath’s Cake is located at:

222-224 Queen Street, St Marys NSW 2760


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