Hubby and I stumbled upon WOWCOW in Parramatta, when we were driving around like maniacs trying to find parking. Hubby suggested that we try this place after dinner. I was uncertain how I would feel about this place, because I am not a fan of yogurt.

After dinner, Hubby and I wandered over. The place was quite packed and it took what seemed like forever to get served. My eyes were immediately drawn to  the cool decor. I really liked the idea of the grass like ceiling and the huge cow.

The menu seemed huge and the choices seemed overwhelming, and we did not where to start.

The frozen yogurt comes in several different sizes. You can then choose which type of yogurt you want (chocolate, original or coconut) and then choose a topping. So many choices, decisions..decisions..

The easiest part was choosing which type of frozen yogurt we wanted, but trying to choose which toppings was hard. There were so many choices of toppings, that Hubby opted for simply M&Ms.

I decided to try their churros and chocolate. I wanted to compare it to San Churro’s version.

Finally our orders arrived. We were so surprised at the size of our desserts. Hubby’s small serving of frozen yogurt was huge and so was my small serving of churros and chocolate. We did not know if we could eat it all.

The frozen yogurt was so creamy and delicious. It did not taste like yogurt, it tasted more like soft serve ice cream. The frozen yogurt also did not taste too sweet. Hubby loved it.

The churros and chocolate was a huge serving, containing 5 very long churros sticks and sauce. This serving was big enough for two people. At that moment, I wished I had gone for the kid’s size. The churros were quite nice, although a few were a slightly burnt.  The churros were lightly dusted in cinnamon sugar and we were quite light to eat. The chocolate sauce was very delicious and moreish.

Hubby and I definitely want to come back to try their frozen yogurt again. I really want to try the coconut frozen yogurt. We were overly impressed. I even thought their churros were on par with San Churro’s churros.

WOWCOW’s locations and information:

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