Macarons from Poff

One day on Instagram, my Twitter friend posted a photo of these macarons that she bought from Poff. The macarons looked quite delicious. I was instantly intrigued and quite curious to why the macarons only costed $1 each. It almost sounded too good to be true, and I must confess, I kind of had a laugh at their shop name.

So, despite my reservations I decided I would visit the place myself to try a macaron or two.

Poff is located inside Citisuper Asian supermarket.

Eventually I made my way to the macarons. They definitely looked quite delicious and there seemed to be a wide variety of macarons to choose from. There were flavours such as peanut butter and jelly, green tea, mango, strawberry, salted caramel, vanilla, blueberry, chocolate and many others.

I think my eyes popped out when I saw the from $1 sign for the macarons. I could not believe that Poff only charges $1 for their macarons. It seemed almost too good to be true. Sure, the macarons are a tad smaller, but even if you bought two, it is still cheaper than most places selling macarons.

There were so many macarons, that I found it so hard to choose which ones to buy. The man working there told me his favourite one was the strawberry macaron. I decided at that point that I would buy 2 strawberry and 2 salted caramel macarons.

After I left Poff, I then wandered outside onto George Street and tried the strawberry macaron. From the first bite, I was so impressed with at how tasty the strawberry macaron tasted. The macaron tasted fresh and had real strawberry flavours. The shell was crispy and not too sweet. Since the strawberry macaron tasted so good, I decided that I must try the salted caramel macaron. The salted caramel macaron was just as delicious. The caramel was a tad bittersweet and you could taste the hint of saltyness.

So, yes, I of course went back shortly after and bought ten more. How could I resist?

When I went back to Poff, I bought 10 more macarons. I told the man working there that I was so impressed with the macarons. The man working there told me how they make their macarons from scratch using real fresh ingredients. He told me they usually have up to 30 different flavours! I even saw the staff member there making the macarons the traditonal way.

Overall I was quite impressed with Poff’s macarons. With so many places making over priced and bland macarons these days, it is always hard to find a macaron that taste good. Poff’s macarons were actually really good, they tasted delicious and fresh. Poff macarons are definitely on my top 5 favourite macaron list. And honestly, who could complain when they only cost $1 each.

Note: My friend who does not have a sweet tooth, said the peanut butter and jelly macaron was “OMG, awesome!!!”

Poff is located at:

Inside Citisuper, Shop LG09, 580 George Street,Sydney NSW 2000


2 thoughts on “Macarons from Poff

  1. Simon Thai says:

    Thank you for your post on Poff’s Macarons 😉
    We’ve Now just introduced our BIG MACARONS coming close to 10 cm diameter and only cost $3
    Peoples loving it since there’s more fillings and texture to enjoy

    When you get a chance
    Pop by 🙂

    Best Regards, Simon Thai

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