Chocolate covered pretzels

Whilst I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii, I made a visit to Godiva, my favourite chocolate shop in the USA. Whilst in store, I noticed a new item, Milk and Dark Chocolate covered pretzels. I tried to imagine what they would taste like. In the end, I gave up and decided to buy a few boxes to try them first. Looking back now, I wish I had tried them before I left Hawaii so I could buy more.

The Milk and Dark Chocolate covered pretzels from Godiva are so delicious. The taste so much better than Mars M&M’s version of chocolate pretzels, because the Godiva version is an actually shaped like a pretzel.


What I really loved the most was the weird sensation of having the taste of the salty pretzel and then the sensation of sweet chocolate. The combination of the two was like a match made in heaven. I seriously felt like my mouth was in sensory over drive. I was addicted and in love.

I guess it is certainly no surprise, when I tell you that I finished the Godiva chocolate covered pretzels in a few days.

When I ran out of Godiva chocolate covered pretzels, I went looking for a more affordable alternative in Sydney. I could not justify paying Australian prices, when I paid so little for the Godiva chocolate covered pretzels in USA. The search for the Godiva chocolate covered pretzels affordable alternative took a while, and I almost gave up.

After a while, I had noticed that chocolate covered pretzels seemed to be popping up in many different shops. I first saw them at San Churro and then later at Thomas Dux. I decided to buy the one I saw at Thomas Dux.

The chocolate covered pretzels from Thomas Dux were so tasty and definitely on par with the Godiva Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Naturally the Godiva version was tastier, because they used better chocolate.

For now, the chocolate covered pretzels from Thomas Dux will help satisfy my cravings. I cannot wait until my American relatives come down to visit, because I will be giving them a huge order for Godiva Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

Godiva Chocolate Covered Pretzels are available from:

or at David Jones, if you are willing to pay extra.


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