Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix

One day whilst shopping at Woolworths, I stumbled upon Adriano Zumbo’s new range of cake mixes and Zumbaron making kits. My first reaction was that I felt quite surprised that Mr Zumbo would venture into this sort of product. On this particular day, these cake mixes were on sale for only $6.99 (usually RRP $8), so I decided to buy the Chocolate Brownie Mix to see how it may taste.

I have to confess, that I am not a fan of using cake mixes. The  only reason that I bought the  Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix, was out of sheer curiosity. To be honest, I had no real expectations.

I decided to have a read of box and read that the Chocolate Brownie mix is “Made for Adriano Zumbo by Green’s General Foods Pty Ltd”  interesting piece of information. I hope that the Chocolate Brownie mix was actually  made using a recipe by Adriano Zumbo and not just Adriano Zumbo putting his name on a product.

The Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix was quite easy to make. All I had to add was eggs and butter and then the dark chocolate that was supplied and then mix it all together.

The chocolate brownies did not take long to bake and the end result of the chocolate brownies was quite pretty and they smelt great.

I decided to let the chocolate brownies cool down and then try one. The chocolate brownies actually tasted quite nice. The chocolate brownies had a delicious gooey chocolate texture and I liked the addition of the white chocolate. I did not think they tasted better than making then from scratch, but I did think they tasted better than the usual cake mix.

The next day I took the chocolate brownies to work, and they were an instant hit with my work colleagues. My work colleagues all loved the chocolate brownies.

I think the Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix is a good fast alternative to making chocolate brownies, if you do not have time to make them yourself.  However I am a firm believer that making them from scratch is the best way.

Where to buy Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix:

Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix is available for purchase at most Woolworths Supermarkets and cost approximately $8.




3 thoughts on “Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    Pretty impressive for some cake mixes hey? But I am a fan of making things from scratch. It helps you know what is in it and plus, there’s always just that personal satisfaction =)

  2. Shirley Wager says:

    I am looking for a stockiest of Adriano’s Brownie cake mix.
    Woolworths on the South Coast of NSW are out of stock and will not be re-ordering.
    Would be grateful if you would advise. We love the product.

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