Kürtősh Surry Hills

My friends have been telling me about Kürtősh for a while now. I really wanted to check it out, but I never really had the time, plus trying to find parking on Crown Street on the weekend is a nightmare. Finally I managed to score a day off during the week, so I went to check Kürtősh out for myself.

Finding where Kürtősh was located was a nightmare for me. I forgot to do some research prior to my visit and had to rely on my poor navigation skills using Google Maps. Luckily I located the place, with only minor frustrations. But to be honest, who could miss Kürtősh  and their baby blue shop front.

I was really excited with the fact that Kürtősh sold their cakes by weight, rather than per a slice. This really worked well for me, because I always like to try a variety of cakes, but eating several big slices of cake can be too much for me, and a lot of ends up in the bin.

The cakes at Kürtősh look so amazing. The cakes are all in slabs and you can buy a slice of any size. There a several types of cake types. The slab cakes such as the Baked Cheesecake or Blondies cost $4 for 100 grams and the chilled slab cakes such as the Classic Strawberry Sponge or Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ganache cost $4.50 per $100 grams. They also sell loaves, pastries and Kürtősh. All prices and cake varieties are available on the website link on the bottom of this post.

When I visited Kürtősh , I had a hard time deciding what to order. I wanted to try everything, but decided to only try two items. I bought the Classic Strawberry Sponge Cake (as recommended by my friend), the Oreo Cheesecake and a hot chocolate. I found it really hard not to buy more, I was so tempted.


The Classic Strawberry Sponge Cake was as good as my friend described. The Classic Strawberry Sponge Cake was lightly dusted in icing sugar, the vanilla sponge layers were light and fluffy and the best part was the delicious fresh cream and strawberry filling. I really loved the fact that they used fresh cream and not mock cream and the strawberries were so sweet. I really loved this cake.

The Oreo Cheesecake was not bad. The Oreo Cheesecake had a crumbly chocolate biscuit base and the cheesecake part was creamy and full of yummy pieces of Oreo biscuit pieces. I liked the texture of the cheesecake part  because it’s texture was firm, dense and creamy and not a mouth feel of gelatine like some cheesecakes. But to be honest, despite the lovely texture, I was not a huge fan.

The hot chocolate was disappointing for me. I found their hot chocolate to be too sweet. It did not taste as creamy as I had wished it did.

Overall, Kürtősh really impressed me. I loved the concept of their shop and service was very friendly and polite. I cannot wait to come back and try their other cakes and I really want to try their Kürtősh. Maybe next time I will sit inside, rather than getting take away.

Kürtősh  is located at:

604 Crown Street , Surry Hills NSW 2010 and 20B-20C St Pauls Street  Randwick NSW 2031

Website: http://www.kurtosh.com.au


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