My Three Favourite things

I go through so many phases of obsessing over different food items. The same process always happens, I get obsessed with an item, buy tonnes of it and then get sick of it. This always happens to me. Here are my favourite things (for now and until further notice haha).

1. McCormick’s Cinnamon Sugar

I love cinnamon sugar, I put it on everything. I have tried many different brands of cinnamon sugar, but McCormick’s brand is my favourite. For breakfast, I love to sprinkle cinnamon sugar on a freshly toasted piece of buttered bread. The trick is to use a good brand of butter and a good brand of bread.

I also love to put cinnamon sugar in pancake mix too.

IMG_6104[1]2. Saxa Seasoned Chicken Salt

I have tried so many different brands of chicken salt, but only Saxa’s seasoned chicken salt has passed my test. I think this chicken salt taste as close as you can get from the take away shops. D cooks hand cut chips quite often and I love eating the chips with this chicken salt. I am honestly addicted to this stuff.


3. Popcorners Sweet and Savoury Popped  Corn Chips

I have always been a huge fan of combination of sweet and salty and this is why I love these corn chips. I think Popcorners Sweet and Savoury Popped Corn Chips taste better that Cob’s Sweet and Salty popcorn. The popped corn chips are so moreish and not heavy on the stomach, like other greasy brands of potato chips. The whole office at my work are addicted to these chips. They also have other flavours, but this one is my favourite.


So these are my three favourite things that I am obsessing over right now.

What are your favourite food items right now?


3 thoughts on “My Three Favourite things

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    I’ve never seen the Saxa chicken salt before. Need to get my hands on it!

    Right now I am absolutely loving Bircher muesli. I’ve been naughty and buying it. Really need to make it myself.

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