Cheesecake from Lorraine’s Patisserie

I was going to wait to try a few more things at Lorraine’s Patisserie and then write a post, but I could not wait to rave about their Cheesecake.

Today silly me decided I was going to walk through the rain in my Hunter gumboots so that I could finally visit Lorraine’s Patisserie, but of course I forgot my umbrella. When I finally realised I forgot my umbrella, it was too late and I was too lazy to go back to work. So here I was walking through the rain, drenched and getting poked by people’s umbrellas, all just because I was determined to try the Macadamia Chocolate Tart that I heard so much about.

Finally I arrived at Lorraine’s Patisserie, I was so relieved to finally be there. I walked inside and looked in the cabinets for the Macadamia Chocolate Tart. I could not see it in the cabinet, so I looked again thinking maybe my eye sight is failing me. Nothing. My heart cracked, I really had my heart set on trying the Macadamia Chocolate Tart. I asked the lady at the counter and she told me that the Macadamia Chocolate Tarts will not be ready for an hour. My heart then shattered into tiny little pieces. I was devastated.

Despite my devastation, I decided that because I had battled my way all through the rain just to get here, I had to buy something. In the end I decided to get the Cheesecake, because it seemed like a safe choice. The Cheesecake costed $9 and it looked very delicious, I could not wait to take it back to work at eat it.

When I finally arrived back work, I immediately opened the cake box up. Unfortunately the cake had fallen apart, but of course it still looked edible.


With such apprehension, I took my first bite. The Cheesecake was surprisingly delicious. The Cheesecake was so light and not heavy like other Cheesecakes, yet still full of Cheesecake flavour. The thick biscuit base was so buttery, delicious and perfect. I was so impressed, that I could’ve easily licked the box if no one was looking. (but I did not). I even  ended up telling half the office how good the Cheesecake was.

So, I have decided that I want to go back to Lorraine’s Patisserie to try everything else in store, I have even convinced my friends to come too. Honestly, if the Cheesecake was so awesome, imagine how good the Macadamia Chocolate Tart must taste.

Lorraine’s Patisserie is located at:

Shop 5, Palings Lane, 320 George St Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 9254 8009 (To avoid disappointment, I suggest calling to make an order before you visit)



One thought on “Cheesecake from Lorraine’s Patisserie

  1. milkteaxx says:

    I should of read your post before i went, i arrived late afternoon and everyrhing was gone, means i must visit again. I went up to palingsfor food and a drink to nurse my sorrows haha.

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