The Most Delicious Banana Bread I Have Ever Baked!

I have an confession to make, I am a lazy baker. When I choose a recipe, I usually choose the recipe that involves the least amount of work and steps. I do not have time to use an electric mixer or to wait hours for a cake to be baked. When it comes to baking, I always believe in the marketing principle K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid). So, when D asked me to bake Banana Bread, I went searching for the easiest Banana Bread recipe possible.

I ended up finding this Banana Bread recipe on the Nine MSN website. The recipe said it was the “Best-Ever Banana Bread” and there were only six ingredients. I honestly could not believe how good it looked and I was suspicious, it looked way too easy to make.

This recipe seemed like child’s play, I swear it only took minutes for me to mix and prepare. I ended up putting the mixture into a loaf pan and put it into the oven. Unfortunately, my nerves were getting the better of me, so during the 30 minutes of the baking time, I must have opened the oven four times to check that the Banana Bread was looking okay.

In less than 30 minutes, my Banana Bread was ready. The Banana Bread looked so golden brown on the top, and it smelt divine. I cut off a slice and gave some to D to eat, and lucky for me, he loved it!




I ended up trying a piece of the Banana Bread for myself, and I was also quite impressed. The Banana Bread was so moist and tasty, the top of the Banana Bread was moist too. I was so excited with the outcome of this recipe, that I decided that I would bake another loaf.

For the second loaf, I added pecan nuts to the mixture. The pecan nuts in the Banana Bread were a perfect addition.




I could have easily baked another loaf of Banana Bread, but sadly, we ran out of bananas..

Next time when I bake this Banana Bread, I want to try to add chocolate chips or other nuts. I am so excited to have found a Banana Bread recipe that is so easy to make and tastes great too. I am now one very happy lazy baker!

The Banana Bread recipe can be found on this website:



One thought on “The Most Delicious Banana Bread I Have Ever Baked!

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    I am a happy lazy baker too! Minimal mess and minimal ingredients is ideal!!!!! May need to give this a go 😉

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