White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes

Today I was in one of those moods, whereby I just wanted to bake. I felt so energetic and wanted to bake as many things that I could. I started off baking two loaves of banana bread, one for D and one for my Mother In Law. For the next baking project, I decided I would try to bake white chocolate mud cupcakes.

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of white chocolate. I usually find that white chocolate taste too sweet. However, today I thought that I would continue my recent mud cupcake experiments and try to cook White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes. I did a Google search and found the easiest recipe that I could find.

I ended up finding a recipe for White Chocolate Mud Cake, and I decided that I could instead change the recipe and make cupcakes. The recipe was quite easy to follow and similar to the Mississippi Mud Cupcake recipe that I love so much.

The White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes were quite straight forward to make, however the amount of sugar and butter that was required was insane. Nevertheless, many of the tastiest recipes are full of sugary and fatty goodness.

When the White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes were done, I was quite happy at how levelled they were.


Whilst I was waiting for the White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes to cool down, I made the white chocolate ganache. The white chocolate ganache tasted so sweet, that I was unsure if I should made a different type of icing. In the end I decide to stay true to the recipe.

It was then time to spread the white chocolate ganache on the White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes. The ganache was so thick. The end result of the White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes was quite pretty.

photo (1)

I finally took a taste of the White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes, and I thought the cake part was very delicious and moist. The white chocolate ganache was however too sweet for my liking.

Next time I will try to use a different icing. My brother in law suggested a cream cheese icing or butter cream icing. I think a different and less sweet icing may make the White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes taste perfect.

The White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes recipe can be found on this website:


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