Hot Cross Buns from Valeries at the Galeries

Happy Easter. I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. I have started this long weekend off by eating lots of hot cross buns and chocolate. Actually, I am lying, I started that weeks ago. I could not help myself.

Every Easter, my work has a Easter morning tea. In the previous years, they have always purchased cheap Woolworths hot cross buns or other terrible tasting hot cross buns. This year, I was determined to change things.

My friend was in charge of purchasing the food for the morning tea. I suggested that this year, we get some tastier hot cross buns. Unfortunately for us, Baker’s Delight was too far away from our workplace. My friend and I were trying to think where we could find some tasty hot cross buns. My friend and I were walking through Town Hall concourse, and we noticed that Valeries at the Galeries were selling hot cross buns and were also offering samples for anyone to try. We were indeed quite sceptical, but decided we should give them the benefit of the doubt. My friend insisted that I try the sample, because she thinks I am a food snob. I tried a sample of their chocolate chip hot cross buns and I was amazed, they tasted so good.

My friend and I headed over to the counter and purchased 8 x 6 packs of hot cross buns. We bought four of the traditional and four of the chocolate chip hot cross buns. They looked so delicious in the packaging. The man working there told us that the hot cross buns were made in the morning.

My friend and I took the hot cross buns back to the office, and our work colleague prepared the morning tea. I went to the kitchen to “monitor” the preparation and were delighted at how delicious the hot cross buns smelt and how nice they looked.


The morning tea commenced and everyone started eating the hot cross buns. Everyone kept saying how great the hot cross buns tasted. Everyone seemed very impressed and wanted to know where we bought the hot cross buns from. I thought the hot cross buns tasted amazing, I even thought that the chocolate chip hot cross buns tasted better than the ones at Baker’s Delight. Admittedly, I only tried the chocolate chip hot cross buns, because I am not a fan of the traditional ones with dried fruit. The chocolate chip hot cross buns were not overly sweet, the bun texture was soft and delicious. I was also  so impressed at how great they tasted.

Hopefully next year Valeries at the Galeries will sell the hot cross buns, because our office will definitely be back to buy their delicious hot cross buns.

Valeries at the Galeries is located at:

Lower Floor, Shop A07,  Galeries of Victoria, 500 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 9283 0813


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