Mars Bar Cookies

This week has been one of the worst weeks at work. To cure my woes, I thought that a good over dose of chocolate was needed. I  actually ended up eating so much chocolate, that I cannot remember how much I ate. I think I was in a chocolate coma. Whilst in my post chocolate coma slump, I had the revelation to bake Mars Bar Cookies.

As usual, lazy me Googled a recipe for Mars Bar Cookies and I chose the easiest recipe I could find.

I found the recipe for Mars Bar Cookies on the website She Cooks She Eats. The recipe was so easy to follow.

The only problem that I found when making these cookies, was trying not to eat the Mars Bar Chocolates when I was chopping them up. Luckily I came to my senses and stopped eating them.

Seventeen minutes later and my Mars Bar Cookies were baked. They smelt divine!


When they cooled down, I ate one. They were so delicious. The Mars Bar Cookies tasted so rich and decadent.

I loved the look of how the Mars Bar melted into the cookie. The  Mars Bar gave the cookies a sticky, crunchy and rich taste sensation. I was in heaven!

I decided that the next time I will bake them, I may put less condensed milk and sugar. I also will try not to get distracted and not to burn the last batch of cookies.

I think I have found a new cookie recipe to obsess over.

Mars Bar Cookie recipe can be found here:

She cook she eats Mars Bar Cookies


7 thoughts on “Mars Bar Cookies

  1. grabyourfork says:

    Yum, can’t beat molten mars bars in a biscuit! And ha, I think the chef always gets a treat or two during prep ๐Ÿ™‚

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