Snickers Cookies

So what does one do when they have found an awesome base recipe? They experiment and make more cookies with different things.

Amy from suggested that making Snickers Cookies using her base cookie recipe was a great idea. I personally have never been a fan of Snickers and never thought about baking the cookies with Snickers. But after cooking so many batches of the same old boring Mars Bar Cookie, my Brother in Law said he would like to try Snickers Cookies.

Once again I used the base cookie recipe and a whole bag of Snickers Chocolate.

The outcome was a delicious batch of Snickers Cookies. I did not try any, but my Brother in Law said they tasted great. My Brother in Law said the Snickers worked well in the cookie.



I really liked the look of the Snickers oozing out of the cookie. It looked so good, that I almost wanted to try one.



I am already compiling a list of what chocolate I can add next. The options are endless. I am so excited!!


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