Connoisseur Sumatran Coconut Ice Cream

I scream for delicious ice cream!

When I found out that Connoisseur had released a new range of delicious ice cream on a stick, I was very excited. I think I was most excited because they had a coconut flavour.

After my disappointment with Bulla’s Coconut Ice Ice Cream I decided to start off with very little expectations. I headed off to the local Woolies and bought one box. I also noticed that there were other flavours too, but I really wanted to try the coconut flavoured one.

When I got home I decided to try one.  From the delicious milk chocolate shell to the creamy intense coconut ice cream, I think my taste buds went to heaven. I was so impressed that I quite honestly could have eaten another one (but a girl has to have self control).


After day two of eating the Connoisseur Sumatran Coconut Ice Cream, I had become obsessed. I ended up heading to the supermarket again to buy two more boxes.

I have to say that it has been a very long time since I have really loved any ice cream bought from the supermarket, I am really happy that I have now found one that I really love.

Connoisseur Sumatran Coconut Ice Cream… I love you!

Connoisseur Sumatran Coconut Ice Cream is available from most supermarkets for $7.99



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