Pasticceria Papa’s Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake

If there is one thing I love the most, that one thing is cheesecake. I love a good quality cheesecake and for many years Pasticceria Papa’s Ricotta Cheesecake has been my all time favourite.

One day whilst scrolling through Instagram, I noticed that Pasticceria Papa’s had put up a photo of their Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake. When I saw this photo, my eyes literally popped out of my head. I had to re-read the caption again to make sure I was not seeing things. To my absolute delight, I was not seeing things! I immediately decided to make plans to go to Pasticceria Papa to try this amazing creation.

When I arrived at Pasticceria Papa, the display cases were almost empty. There did not seem to be much left. I was so worried that they had run out of the Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake that I could feel my heart breaking. I had driven so far to get here and did not want to go home empty handed.

When it was my turn to be served, fate shone upon me and a staff member had come out of the kitchen with a tray of freshly made Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake. I was feeling so blessed. I got so excited that I ended up buying 3 mini Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake and 1 mini Ricotta Cheesecake.


Pasticceria Papa’s Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake ended up being a very delicious combination. The mixture of ricotta and Nutella worked really well. The ricotta cheese was light and creamy and the Nutella provided a delicious chocolatey hazelnut filling. I did not find the combination to sweet. I felt like the combination was a match made in heaven. My only criticism is that the Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake in the miniature form is not as good as the sliced version. I found there was too much shortcrust pastry and not enough filling.  Next time I may buy the Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake as a whole cake.



I am not sure if all the Pasticceria Papa stores sell the Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake. I bought the Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake from their Five Dock store. I suggest you give them a call to find out.

Pasticceria Papa’s Ricotta website:

2 thoughts on “Pasticceria Papa’s Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake

  1. missemzyy says:

    Pasticceria Papa is one of our favourite cake shops! It was only last week that we had another one of their beautiful ricotta cheesecakes! I will definitely be ordering a Nutella one next time- looks delicious!!

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