Brewtown Newtown’s Cronuts

Ever since I read about Dominique Ansell’s creation called “The Cronut”,  have been obsessing over wanting to eat them. First I went crazy eating Adriano Zumbo’s version called the Zonut and then I heard about Brewtown Newtown’s version of the Cronut, and I was desperate to try one.

One weekend I dragged D over to Brewtown Newtown so I could try a Cronut. Unfortunately when we got there, they had just sold the last one and I was so devastated! Unfortunately weeks later, I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was not allowed to eat anything high in carbs such as Cronuts. I just felt so heart broken, because I love carbs.

After the baby was born, I was determined to make up for lost time and eat all the carbs and naughty things that I could. Unfortunately having a newborn meant I had no time to drive to Newtown.

Then one day whilst checking out social media, I found out that Brewtown Newtown’s Cronuts were getting sold at other cafes. I was even more happy when I found out that a cafe called Bad Manner Thymes Cafe in Parramatta were selling them. I was so happy because Parramatta was closer to where I lived.

With baby in tow, I headed off to Parramatta and visited Bad Manner Thymes Cafe. When I arrived at Bad Manner Thymes Cafe, I was so excited because they had Cronuts still in stock. When I saw the Cronuts in the display cabinet, my eyes popped open with joy. I ended up buying the Cinnamon Cronut and the Glazed Cronut on my first visit.




I was really impressed with Brewtown Newtown’s Cronuts, they were so delicious and moreish. I adored the flaky pastry and it was not as oily as Adriano Zumbo’s Zonut.  I actually ended up eating both Cronuts on the same day. My favourite of the Cronuts was the Glazed Cronut, it was like eating a Krispy Kreme Original Doughnut.

The next week I decided to re visit Bad Manner Thymes Cafe because they mentioned they were selling Brewtown Newtown’s Chocolate Cronut. I ended up buying one Chocolate Cronut. I personally did not like the Chocolate Cronut as much as the other Cronuts. I just felt for some reason the texture of the Chocolate Cronut was different and did not taste as good. I really cannot not explain why, but I think it did not taste as good.


My next quest is to try the Jam Cronut. I am personally not a huge fan of jam, but I am willing to give it a try.

Brewtown Newtown’s Cronuts can be purchased at Bad Manner Thymes Cafe:

1/2 Horwood Place Parramatta NSW 2150


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