Gelato Messina Parramatta

I have been really loving Church Street Parramatta lately, there are so many nice new cafes and restaurants around. When I found out that Gelato Messina was opening up in Parramatta, I was so excited.

Gelato Messina is now open where Wow Cow used to be on Church Street. I was quite sad to find out that Wow Cow had closed, because D and I used to go there all the time for dessert.



Gelato Messina is one of my favourite places to eat gelato. I have always been a huge fan of their gelato even before they became famous. I remember many years ago going to their Darlinghurst store every weekend and always ordering their coconut and lychee gelato.

Many years later and Gelato Messina is so popular. Their stores are always so busy and usually have lines outside their doors. They also have many more interesting gelato flavours with quirky names such as Robert Brownie Jnr.


Gelato Messina  also do take away packs. I always have to buy one when I visit their stores. Unfortunately the take away packs never last long in my household, so we always have to go back to buy more.


Having Gelato Messina at Parramatta is so dangerous for my waist line. I must be good and not go there every week. (Oops too late)..

Make sure you bring cash, because they do not accept other forms of payment.

Gelato Messina Parramatta is located at:

283 Church Street Parramatta NSW 2150



4 thoughts on “Gelato Messina Parramatta

  1. specialilytea says:

    I love how their logo/pattern is so recognisable. Was recently in the area for winter fest and just from the corner of my eye, saw their logo print on the store front and was so excited!

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