Arnott’s Peanut Butter Tim Tam Biscuits

When I found out that Arnotts had released a new peanut butter Tim Tam flavoured biscuit, I was so excited. I was so excited because I really love peanut butter flavoured biscuits and could not wait to try them. I crossing my fingers hoping that they would taste as good as Arnotts Gaiety Peanut flavoured Biscuits (unfortunately no longer on the market).

Despite my excitement over the new Tim Tam Biscuit flavour, I did not end up visiting Coles Supermarket to buy them straight away because I was too busy. Over the next few weeks I watched my friends post photos and comments on Instagram and Twitter about their thoughts when they tried the Peanut Butter Tim Tam Biscuits, the reviews were quite mixed.

After a while curiosity got the better of me and I decided that I would go to Coles Supermarket and try the  Peanut Butter Tim Tam Biscuits. As soon as I got home, I decided I would try one.


My immediate thoughts after my first bite of the Peanut Butter Tim Tam Biscuits was disappointment. I did not like the taste of the Peanut Butter Tim Tam Biscuits, I thought that the flavour tasted artificial. The peanut butter filling was not very nice and I did not like how the biscuit was a peanut flavour too.

In my opinion, I think it is such a shame, I think that the Peanut Butter Tim Tam Biscuits could have been an amazing product.

Have you tried Arnott’s Peanut Butter Tim Tam Biscuits? I would like to know what were your thoughts.

Stockists: Arnott’s Peanut Butter Tim Tam Biscuits are exclusively sold at Coles Supermarkets


5 thoughts on “Arnott’s Peanut Butter Tim Tam Biscuits

  1. Gary Lum says:

    As much as I love peanut paste and all sorts of other flavours, I’m not sure I’m a fan of all the flavours that Arnott’s are taking with the TimTam. I like the classic and the double coat makes a TimTam slam just an extra little bit special 😉

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