Fare Gourmet’s Triple Chocolate Brownie

Back in the days when I used to live near the city, I used to visit Eveleigh Markets every Saturday and it was a tradition that I would buy one Fare Gourmet Chocolate Brownie. I used to love their brownies so much and always used to share them with my mother in law.

Since moving away from the city, I had not been able to get my Fare Gourmet brownie fix and I have not been able to find a brownie that tasted as good.

Then one day whilst I was visiting my local markets, I discovered that Fare Gourmet had a stall selling their brownies. I was so happy and delighted. I ended up buying the usual Triple Chocolate Brownie.


Fare Gournmet’s Triple Chocolate Brownie tasted as good as I had remembered, actually I think it tasted better. The Triple¬†Chocolate Brownie tasted so decadent and rich like chocolate fudge, that I ended up eating a quarter of the Triple Chocolate Brownie. The Triple Chocolate Brownie was definitely a chocaholics dream.


I cannot wait until the markets are on next month, because I will be definitely stocking up on more of Fare Gourmet’s chocolate brownies.

Fare Gourmet’s chocolate brownies are still the best chocolate brownies that I have ever eaten!

Fare Gourmet’s Website:



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