Cinnamon French Toast Stacks

If I could have it my way, I would eat breakfast foods such as bacon and eggs, French toast and pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately for me, this does not make a suitable healthy diet, and I should be watching my weight. Today I thought I would break the healthy diet rule and eat French toast for my late afternoon snack.

I ended up Googling a few recipes online and the one that caught my eye was Donna Hay’s recipe for Cinnamon French Toast. The recipe looked fairly simple and for that reason I was won over.

For the Cinnamon French Toast, I decided to change the recipe slightly and use standard bread because I did not have any baguettes at home. I also decided not to add the lemon rind because I am not a huge fan of lemon rind.

To make the recipe even more evil, I thought that I would add some fresh cream and maple syrup on top of the Cinnamon French Toast. I also added some banana so I could pretend it was some what healthy.

The Cinnamon French Toast ended up looking good, was so easy to make and it tasted amazing too.

photo (4)

What I loved most about this recipe, was the cinnamon, it just made the French toast taste amazing.

Guess what I am having for breakfast tomorrow? 😉

Donna Hay’s Cinnamon French Toast Recipe :


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