Alter Eco Organic Velvet Truffles

Ever since my trip to South Africa, I have learnt about the importance of buying food such as chocolate that is ethically made and sourced. When I buy chocolate I try to look for the Fairtrade logo certification.

One Fairtrade chocolate that I like is the Alter Eco brand. I love their range of chocolate bars and just recently discovered they also make chocolate truffles.  I saw the advertisement for their Organic Velvet Truffles online and really wanted to try them. My sister in law ended up buying them for me from the Oxfam shop.

photo (5)

Alter Eco Organic Velvet Truffles are made with pure coconut oil and smooth Peruvian chocolate. The chocolate truffles taste so amazing and the truffle centre is so creamy and smooth. I was really impressed at how delicious the chocolate truffles tasted.

Another thing that impressed me was that you can place the chocolate wrappers in the compost. What a great environmental idea.

The chocolate truffles also come in another flavour which are Organic Black Truffles, I cannot wait to try these as well.

Alter Eco Website:



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