Whipped Shortbread Cookies

Another recipe that I had found when I was on my quest to find something new to bake, was a recipe called “Uncle Bill’s Whipped Shortbread Cookies”. This recipe also looked quite easy to make and quite possible evil. (so much butter).

I started getting my ingredients prepared to bake these whipped shortbread cookies and then re-read the recipe and  realised that I had to use a mixer to make the cookies. I knew I could not use a mixer because my baby was sleeping, so I attempted to try to mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon instead.

For the recipe, I opted not to add the maraschino cherries, because I do not like eating them. The cookies were kept simple.

Unfortunately when the Whipped Shortbread Cookies were ready, it was obvious that maybe the ingredients did need to mixed with a mixer. The  cookies had dark brown edging which did not look right.

Luckily whilst the cookies did not look too sexy, but they turned out to be quite tasty.

photo (7)

Maybe next time I will try using a mixer for the recipe and they will look better…

The Whipped Shortbread Cookies recipe can be found on this website:



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