Bounty Bars

Ever since I saw the recipe for Bounty Bars on Phoodie’s blog, I fell in love. The Bounty Bars looked fairly easy to make, so I thought that I would the recipe a go. What is there not to love about coconut and chocolate?

The Bounty Bar recipe did end up being pretty straight forward to make, but this did not mean that I did not get frustrated. I ended up having to make the Bounty Bars three times before I was satisfied that they looked okay. The main issues I had were that I felt like my mixture did not look moist like Phoodie’s and my Bounty Bars did not look like bars.

Attempt number  one:

For the first attempt, I felt like there was not enough liquid in the mixture and too much dry ingredients. I ended up adding more condensed milk to make it more moist. I had problems getting the mixture into a bar shape. The result, a batch of badly shaped erm bars lol.

photo 3

At least they looked good inside and tasted good..

photo 2

Attempt number two:

For the second attempt, I took forever to make the mixture into bar shapes and by the time I had finished, the chocolate sauce had begun to harden. I should have zapped the mixture in the microwave for a little bit, but I did not. I also decided to add some swirls to the bars, this did not look sexy.

photo (8)

The final attempt:

The final attempt almost did not happen, because I had decided never to make these Bounty Bars ever again. The final attempt worked out much better. I was able to get the mixture into proper bars shapes. I made sure that I worked quickly so the chocolate would not harden.

photo 1

What I have learnt:

1. Never give up and persevere.

2. If need be add more condensed milk to the dry mixture

3. To stop the chocolate mix from burning, I melted the chocolate and copha in the microwave at 50% power for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

4. Work fast making the bars

Phoodie’s Bounty Bar recipe can be found on her website:


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