Perfection Chocolate and Sweets

I am totally obsessed with all things chocolate, but not just any chocolate, but quality chocolate. I would rather spend more money on chocolate if it meant I was eating chocolate that was better quality.

One of my favourite quality chocolate brands at the moment is Perfection Chocolate and Sweets. Perfection Chocolate and Sweets make so many different types of delicious chocolate that it is most certainly a chocoholics dream come true.

My favourite type of chocolate from their range is the Milk Chocolate Honeycomb. The Milk Chocolate Honeycomb tastes so amazing and it is very hard just eating one. Even my dad who swears that Cadbury Crunchie is the best honeycomb chocolate has been converted.

photo (9)

What impresses me the most about Perfection Chocolate and Sweets is that  not only do they make the most amazing products, they also have the most amazing customer service. The owner John Kapos from Perfection Chocolate and Sweets has been so amazing by arranging postal delivery to my home when I needed my Perfection Chocolate and Sweets chocolate fix. This has been a god send for me, because I do not have time to drive to Rose Bay with my baby.

I cannot wait to the day when I’ll have time to visit Perfection Chocolate and Sweets in Rose Bay, I really want to try their Hot Chocolate, I hear it tastes amazing!

Details about Perfection Chocolate and Sweets can be found on their website:



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