Vanilla and Chocolate Magnum Tubs

I am a sucker for new products in the supermarket, so when I saw an advertisement outside of the shopping centre for Magnum Tubs, I squealed with excitement. The advertisement for the Magnum Tubs looked so irresistable, that I decided to go back into the supermarket to go buy the ice cream.

The Magnum Tubs are available in three flavours: “Vanilla and Chocolate”, “Hazelnut and Chocolate” and “Chocolate”. I ended up buying the Vanilla and Chocolate Magnum Tub because I love vanilla ice cream with chocolate bits. Naturally I tried the ice cream as soon as I got home.

photo (15)

Just as the advertisement stated,  the Vanilla and Chocolate Magnum Tub is definitely a spoonful of pleasure. The vanilla ice cream is so creamy and the addition of  luscious milk and dark chocolate pieces and the rich oozing chocolate sauce centre makes this ice cream a dessert addict’s dream come true. I loved the ice cream so much that I ate through two tubs in two days. (I just bought a third tub)

I think I may have found my new favourite supermarket ice cream and  shock horror, I might actually take a break from eating Gelato Messina!


Magnum Tubs are available in all major supermarkets

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