Lotus Speculoos Cookie Butter Spread

One day after I had a break from doing the usual duties of a stay at home mum, I decided I would get online and a do a random Google search about interesting food items. One thing that caught my eye was this delicious looking cookie butter spread. I ended up Googling all the different types and found two brands, Trader Joe’s and Lotus. In the end I discovered that ordering the Lotus brand online would be easier and cheaper than trying to order the Trader Joe’s brand from America.

Cookie Butter or the proper name Speculoos is a caramelised and gingerbread-like spread made of crushed speculoos cookies and vegetable oil. The spread has a consistency like peanut butter and is available in varieties such as  creamy or crunchy. Lotus Speculoos Cookie Butter Spread is perhaps the most delicious new thing that I have tried in a long time.

photo (23)

One bad thing about the Lotus Speculoos Cookie Butter Spread, is that it is so moreish, that I could literally get a spoon and eat the whole contents of the jar.  So dangerous!

I cannot wait to try using the spread for baking experiments, there are so many recipes to choose from online.


Lotus Speculoos Cookie Butter Spread cost $8.14 per a jar and is available online from:



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