Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker

When I saw the Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker online, I got so excited. I was intrigued how this small contraption could make ice cream so easily, and of course I was quite sceptical. Nevertheless I bought the product anyway.

The Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker claims that you can make ice cream in minutes by simply squeezing and shaking the cone device.


I tried using the Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker four times and to my disappointment, it did not really work, Each time I got chilled mixture and not ice cream. The mixture looked like melted ice cream and in minutes it melted back into sauce.

(yes I followed the instructions)



I am apparently not alone with my thoughts on the Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker, because other people have had the same problem. There are of course people who claim it works.

I have decided to give up and will throw this in the bin, it is not worth wasting my time and effort.



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