Chocolate Balls

When it is a 40 degrees Celsius day and it is not a wise idea to use the oven, what can myself as a baking addict do? The answer is to Google easy no bake recipes. I ended up finding a recipe for Chocolate Balls on 4 Ingredient’s website.

I really like some of the recipes on 4 Ingredient’s website, they are always so simple and only require the use of 4 ingredients. In my opinion they are geniuses. I chose this recipe for Chocolate Balls, because it is so simple to make and did not require the use of the oven.

The Chocolate Balls were made in no time at all, I had all the ingredients ready to go in my pantry. I was so happy that I finally got use some of the 3 kilograms of desiccated coconut that I bought from Costco. The Chocolate Balls ended up tasting very nice, they were not too sweet and had a nice chewy fudge type texture. Whilst eating them, I almost felt like I was eating something healthy. The Chocolate Balls even got the thumbs up from my Husband who does not have a sweet tooth.

photo (30)

I think I may try to add something other ingredients into the Chocolate Balls, I was thinking maybe some dates or some nuts, the possibilities are endless.

The Chocolate Balls recipe can be located on 4 Ingredient’s Website:


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