Caramel Chocolate Snow Balls

In continuation with my no bake recipe crusade, I decided to Google more ball recipes. I wanted to use up the Digestives Biscuits that I had left in the pantry. I ended up finding a very easy recipe for Caramel Chocolate Snow Balls.

The recipe for Caramel Chocolate Snow Balls was very very easy and right up my alley. I was able to make the Caramel Chocolate Snow Balls whilst my baby was sleeping in less than 10 minutes. I was so happy that I finally got to use the Nestlé Top “N” Fill Caramel that has been sitting in the pantry for months.

The Caramel Chocolate Snow Balls tasted very nice, they were not too sweet and had the same chewy-fudge like texture like my previous recipe for Chocolate Balls. I really loved the addition of desiccated coconut and toasted desiccated coconut and the caramel flavouring was actually quite mild.


I think I have a easy no bake recipe winner, what sort of ball should I make next?

Caramel Chocolate Snow Balls recipe can be found on this website:


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