Cookie Butter Chocolate Domes

I will make a confession, I may have gotten a tad obsessed and bought three more jars of cookie butter. I think it has become obvious that I am clearly a cookie butter addict, I think I need to stop eating it, otherwise I may turn into a jar of cookie butter.

Whilst laying on the couch eating spoonfuls of cookie butter, I decided I would look for more cookie butter recipes . I stumbled across a recipe for Cookie Butter Balls. The recipe ticked all my boxes, it was easy to make and it looked delicious. I decided that instead of making Cookie Butter Balls, I would make them into Cookie Butter Chocolate Domes.

The reason why I opted for the dome shape, because they reminded me of the type of chocolates that you find in chocolate boxes, plus I think it looks nicer. I may have hesitated slightly when I noticed in the recipe that I had to do some chocolate melting and coating, which is something I HATE, but I really wanted to make them, so I powered on.

One thing that scared me the most about this recipe, was the large amounts of sugar in the recipe. I ended up using a tad less icing sugar in the recipe, but unfortunately in the end the Cookie Butter Chocolate Domes tasted too sweet for my liking.


Nevertheless despite the Cookie Butter Chocolate Domes tasting so sweet, I was very impressed with my chocolate coating. (pats self on back). I think that for the first time I was able to get a smooth perfect finish for my chocolates. I discovered that the secret to getting a shiny coating was to leave the bowl of melted chocolate on top of the warm water, this meant that the chocolate would not harden up quickly.

If I choose to make these Cookie Butter Chocolate Domes again, I may try to find a recipe that uses less sugar.

Cookie Butter Chocolate Domes recipe can be found on this website:


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