Twix Slice

Once again I thought I would Google more no bake recipes, I am really beginning to enjoy not spending time fretting by the oven fearing that my cake is not baking properly. I found a delicious looking recipe for Twix Slice on Phoodie’s website.

I discovered Phoodie’s Twix Slice on her Instagram and it looked so delicious that I thought I would try making it myself. The recipe looked pretty straightforward, so it looked like a winner.

I decided that I would be adventurous and make the Twix Slice using a circular tin so that I could practice the new baking paper cutting skill that I learnt off You Tube. I ended up changing the recipe a bit by using larger quantities of ingredients such as a whole bag of Cadbury chocolate melts, 280 grams of Digestive Biscuits and 270 grams of condensed milk.

The Twix Slice turned out really well, for once I actually followed the recipe properly. (I have a bad habit of skim reading recipes). The Twix Slice looked so pretty, that I waited a whole day to cut a slice.

From the buttery biscuit base, to the decadent caramel centre and the yummy chocolate and Twix top of the slice, the Twix Slice ended up tasting so delicious. I was so pleased with the Twix Slice that I made it twice this week.



One helpful tip that I have learnt is to make sure you cook the caramel for ten minutes or more on the stove, because it can be runny and will not set in the slice. I did add more ingredients to the caramel.

I love no bake recipes, I cannot wait to find my next recipe.

Phoodie’s Twix Slice can be found on her website:


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