Tim Tam Balls

This morning I looked into the pantry and I realised that it resembled a jungle. In the pantry there was so much food that we have not eaten and also 1 kilo and a bit of desiccated coconut still to use. I decided that I would use the two packets of Tim Tam Biscuits and some of the desiccated coconut and I would make Tim Tam balls.

I gathered all the ingredients together to make the Tim Tam Balls and then realised that I only had a short of amount of time to make them because we had a party to go to. Luckily these Tim Tam Balls only take 10-15 minutes to make.

The Tim Tam balls were again another easy recipe to make. I decided to roll them in some Dutch chocolate sprinkles as well as coconut.

When I got back from the party I taste tested one of the Tim Tam Balls. I found the Tim Tam Balls to taste quite sweet, but maybe that is because I am not a real fan of Tim Biscuits any more. I think if you are a real fan of Tim Tam Biscuits, you will love this recipe.


Apparently there is another recipe for Tim Tam Balls that involves using cream cheese, I think I will definitely try that recipe soon.

The Tim Tam Balls recipe can be found here:



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