Christmas is soon approaching and it is freaking me out, where did the time go? Today I realised that I am not at all prepared for Christmas and I should be because it is my baby’s first Christmas! This week I thought I would start practising baking Christmas sweets, first off the rank was Gingerbread.

I will be quite honest, any recipe that involves kneading scares me. I think I may have developed a kneading phobia.  I have tried numerous of times to knead scones and it has never turned out. So usually I tend to choose recipes that do not need kneading. (until now).

Being the lazy person that I am, I Googled and found the easiest recipe on the internet. I wanted one that did not involve a lot of work and did not involve using the dreaded mixer. It was really odd, because even some of the recipes that claimed to be easy, were not. This recipe that I chose was so easy.

Due to my baby brain, at the last minute I realised that I do not have any Christmas cookie cutters, so I decided to use my cat cookie cutter and later that week my leaf cookie cutter. (note so self: buy Christmas cookie cutters).

Making and in particular kneading the Gingerbread dough did not end up being as scary as I thought. The whole process went okay.

The Gingerbread were baked in 10 minutes.


I was really impressed how cute the Gingerbread cats looked. They definitely need a bit of tweaking, but they turned out okay. I got my Husband to taste test the Gingerbread and he said it tasted really nice. He said the Gingerbread had a nice soft texture and were not too sweet. Thumbs up from my Husband.

A few days later I decided to make more Gingerbread, this time using my leaf cookie cutter.

FullSizeRender (2)

I really liked how these Gingerbread turned out more than the cat shaped ones.

I also tried to decorate the Gingerbread cats, but because they looked so bad, I am not going to show you. Hahah…

Next challenge might be shortbread!

The Gingerbread recipe can be found on this website:


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