Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Every time I hear about a chocolate place that I have never heard about before, I get very excited. I get even more excited when I hear the place sells fabulous chocolate. Then when I find out the chocolate place is in a city that I cannot go to, I feel very sad. Luckily for me I found out that my new favourite chocolate brand, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie delivers! Yay!

I discovered Yarra Valley Chocolaterie from a friend online, she said their chocolate tasted amazing and I know when she says something tastes amazing she is never wrong. I did a Google search on Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and I was amazed at all the different kinds of chocolate items that they sell. I decided that I would order some of their chocolate online because I doubt I would ever have time to go visit them.

Stupid me without thinking ended up ordering their chocolate online on one of the hottest weeks in Sydney, so it is no surprise that when the chocolate arrived it was melted. I was so devastated that I emailed them and told them what happened. Straight away I got a response from Leanne from Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and she advised that this had never happened before and as an act of good will, they will re-send the chocolate. I was so shocked and overwhelmed with their amazing customer service.

When the weather cooled down, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie re-sent me the chocolate and it arrived via express post in perfect condition. I was so relieved. They even placed an ice block in the box so the chocolate would not melt. How amazing is their customer service?


I wish all companies would be as courteous and efficient as Yarra Valley Chocolaterie.

Anyway, now onto writing about their chocolate…

I ended up putting two of the salvaged blocks of chocolate in the fridge, once the chocolate blocks hardened in the fridge, I ate some of the chocolate. I was amazed at how good each variety of their chocolate tasted. My favourite out of all the blocks I bought was definitely the Gourmet Collection Macadamia and Salted Caramel. The combination of smooth couverture milk chocolate, macadamia nuts, caramelized toffee pieces and a hint of salt made this chocolate taste divine. The chocolate tasted so smooth and creamy and not too sweet. I was totally addicted that I ate the whole block in a day.


I can honestly say that Yarra Valley Chocolaterie chocolate is one of the best chocolate brands that I have ever eaten, it is so good that it is my second favourite chocolate brand.

I will definitely order more chocolate from Yarra Valley Chocolaterie again soon, not only do they make amazing chocolate, they also have amazing customer service.

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie’s website:


*note: this is a real story and not a promotion


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